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Wow, life is good sometimes!!!


Today I got the package I been waiting for around 2 weeks, it’s been at the post office since Saturday, but due to various reason I just got to it today.

It’s a book from the Cripple Creek District (of course.. LOL) and holds several years (not that many…) of annual reports for the Portland Gold Mining Company – think it was 1895 – 1903 – and beside all the “boring text” info it had a lot of maps and trillions of photographs!!!

Boy did it make me feel happy – so happy!!

Of other news, we had the first concrete work done at the new house in Eidsvoll, Norway…

Now, I go back to my book…


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Feels like life's boring & awful

Hi all,

Today been one of those days where nothing happens – been a few of those lately where hardly anything happen.

It’s been raining half of the day, then sun came with rain in between.. 😦

Øyvind “the worker”, have been busy digging and working up at the neighbor place today so we just saw him late this afternoon while he leveled a dump he made yesterday of earth while waiting for the neighbor to come back from a trip so he could see the drawing for the garage the neighbor will have built.

Tomorrow Øyvind had plans for test dig a new location on our property to see if we have room/depth for a relocation of the “indoor outdoor toilet” we been using for a few years now.
As we build the new house we have no need for the old one per say, but would been nice to have it as a backup and useful for the spare room we have in the shed.
In case we ever need to stay out there. 🙂

Due to the “nothing happens” feeling, and a starting desperate feel for wanting to get back home to our house in the Netherlands I’m starting to get bitchy, good also be “just that time” again…
I feel angry and frustrated, the money problem eats my heart out and I feel so helpless in all this.

Eidsvoll feels like a frustrating and dead ended street still… 😦

But still, best wishes all


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Still on break…


Today was a not happy break day – due to happenings out of our control we where not told that no one was showing up at our place today, which lead us to sit here and wait all morning… 😦

That was not a happy time.

So much for a agreement, a delay is normally not a problem, the problem is when no one tells us so we can spend the time otherwise.

So much for wanting to be here… LOL

Other news nothing, unless we win a lot of cash, or meet a generous person, or is able to work out a deal with who ever is doing work for us there is no way we are able to afford this house as drawn at this time in life, and probably never ever will be able to afford. 😦

But, we keep trying, there is nothing else we can do – and beside, I like to use a expressions as:
Life Is trying

So, might as well live totally up to it! LOL

Best wishes to who ever reads this


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Break is nearly over

After a week the work stopped, but now, tomorrow things seem to be back to business again.

In the meantime I been on a short vacation back to my parents place, and is to leave there for the drive back to Eidsvoll in about 30 minutes…

Other then that, nothing new, my website about the project holds the latest news always as I type them in.

Best wishes


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Four days in…


As I wrote on my website we are now 4 days into the house building project up on Eidsvoll, Norway – and while we our self have done nothing we have had work done, and more will be done next week, maybe even the basement will be made. 🙂

I’m not good to use my Blog, and while I for now is able to keep the Progress page updated I have a feel down the road the text and pictures will dry up and end being one of many “not so fresh” pages under my website.

But, till then, I hope you as the reader/visitor of this pages/site have a pleasant visit.

Best wishes


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