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Re-union time – as in, finding a lost friend…

Today, finally, after looking since February this year, I was able to find a dear friend of mine that I managed to loose in the snow an early stressful morning I had an appointment with my Doctor and had to remove lot of snow, while it was snowing…

We have had snow smelting for weeks now and almost all is gone, and still, I was unable to find it, but, this day, this day it was all to change!! πŸ™‚

Oh glorious day!! πŸ™‚


Not where I had though to find it, but none the less, must have happen a minute or so before I noticed I had lost my friend, I had driven the car in the snow out to the end of our driveway, cleared a little snow around it and it must have happen then…

My dear bellowed Canon Ixus 220HS must have slipped out of my pocket while leaving the car, got on the ground, and in the snow, darkness and stress got caught on the snow shovel and been thrown about 1,5 to 2 meter into a big pile of snow, totally unnoticed until a minute or so later while back at the house and about to leave for the car…

I totally, totally fell apart right there and then, got be about 10.15 minutes late for the appointment, I was a nervous wreck, bad driver, slippery icy road – thankfully a truck in front of my drove slowly so I had to do it my self, cursing at him for being that slow as stress and catastrophic thoughts ran wild through my system.

Tears running, world crumbling, thankfully I had no accidents, but I do know I should not have driven, but, I had no choice, I needed to get to my appointment.

The only good thing then was that my Doctor could see that side of me as well, where I had little control but fought hard to get it back!!!


And, today, on the 21 of April 2015, there, in the snow, on top of what is left, almost under a small tree, there was something shining, something partly black, something that made my hearth race – and yes, YES!!!!

There it was, my camera, somewhat discolored on the arm-strop, and one of the covers on the side, possible less black then I remembered it, but other then that, it appeared to be in good shape.

I yelled happily, I ran in with it, took out the battery and memory card, left it in the western window to dry out a little with the lid open where the battery and card was inside.

Later today I put the battery into the charger, it was red, but some time later, hours, it was green – maybe a good sign, yes? πŸ˜‰

I have not tested the memory card yet, and I try my best bot to test the camera, has no hope it has survived except a tiny bit of hope, but I do hope my card has survived, but will let them stay inside with me for some time before testing them.

So, fingers crossed, hopefully this bad episode can have a happy ending, I sure need one as life generally is like it been for over ten years now, a nightmare and I see no way out of it…

To who ever read this, thank You! πŸ™‚



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Feeling sorry on my self, modeling no good…


For several days I been busy cleaning up a mess of a mesh from back in the days, like 2008… I got an email request on a Generic Powerhouse model I had made bashing around some other models, and when I started on the job I knew I wanted to do a good job this time around.

Which of course means it takes time, lot of time in fact!! And of course, I can never do what is asked of me, I need to do my best, and that is not always what the requester thinks, so in the end I ended up with two models, one I hope is what he wanted, and one is more like I felt for..

I sent them of this morning, and rest of day been spent with the model of the California Hotel in Independence, Cripple Creek District. Except I am tired from being up since 05:10 this morning due to me wanting to bid and this time win a set of duplicate Midland Terminal slides, and when it comes to create windows I had to just give up..

I’m Norwegian, the windows I know is not at all like the ones I see on images from the USA, from Cripple Creek, and when tired, and wanting things to be good, I realized, I have to just give it up for now, I can’t do it.

So, I closed my modeling program, again… See, I said I was feeling sorry for my self… I was unable to clean up a texture of a board & batten wall, I have to few of those and none is really any good, so I just got overwhelmed with things I am not able to do as good as I want, hence, I move on to something else until mood strikes again, or I need to rework the Powerhouse model again…

Below is two screenshots from Trainz 2010 of these two Powerhouse models, just to show of a little… πŸ™‚

The short 2bay Powerhouse version
View of the shorter 2 bay version.

The long 3bay Powerhouse version

View of the longer 3 bay version I liked better.. πŸ™‚

Take care


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Only took a year or so…


Last year I finally after loosing real access to my website ( through my old Microsoft Frontpage software awhile before that, broke down and started a long rework of my site using more modern tools and techniques I had to learn along the way…

That made part of my site better, some not so good, but overall I think I have a better easier working site for me to work on, but, a lot of shot cuts I took I need to rework again down the line.

But, for now, I am happy, tonight I put up my last few pages, the index, whats new and some other stuff, and now I need to clean up my old files, remove what is not needed and so on.

But, it feels like a Great Milestone, and I hope it means I can start get stuff out there again and somewhat back to a more normal life…
Problem is my web building program is on a different computer then where I normally work, but I figure a way around it… πŸ™‚

For now, you done good Linda, hopefully all works like it should!

Well Done!


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Still alive, still thinking and feeling, still me. LOL

I’m hopeless in keeping up to date all my projects, I have wanted to update my website all the time since I sort of crashed it late last year but I just got the parts restored and not my access to it really so I have no way to update it per say.

That is, I can make and create new pages, just not access it with the program I used to use… FTP is only access now a days, and it is too much for to keep site working so I let it slide…

Was working on a replacement, but things got in the way, life for instance, and then my Cripple Creek Research kicked in and lured me away full-time.

I have a lot of thoughts in my mind, few is of use to share with others… Overall I say life is kinda good at the moment, not great, but not filled with all bad stuff either. There are plenty of that, but it has not dragged me down to much.

This summer been wet so far, awful in many ways, but I found and have used and learned quite some stuff and even found location of an old photo I got of eBay last year – of a mine called Cove Boy – that was real cool and great!!! πŸ™‚

I try to keep up to date with my Internet friends, but even that tends to be a mountain railroad ride – ups and downs! 😐
But, I at least try

After all, my name starts with LIT and I like to look at is meaning “Life Is Trying” and that is how I try to live, do my best in all I do!

Even feeling bad… LOL

Last was sort of a joke. πŸ™‚

Lately I been wondering if the world is really a good place to be, if I can be of use for anything out there, but I’ve yet to figure that one out so I am still searching for an answer on that one.

I realize I am sort of unique in my way of thinking and combining thoughts and such, and I been wondering if that is something I could use to maybe help my income a little, but then cold hard facts – or my own bad thinking (have not figured that one out yet) – hit me in the face and I realize, I am just one of many wanna bees…

Then again, I am at least unique, like we all are…


But, I am working on me, figuring me out is a full days job in it self, do we all have it that way?

I guess we do, but how many thinks about it, and try to learn from them self?

Either way, this was just a bunch of rambling words, I was supposed to write an email to a friend, and somehow I ended up in here instead. πŸ˜›

Life’s funny sometimes, and I love to smile, that is easy to know as it is so easy to make me smile!

Take care who ever reads this!


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Heavenly, how can a shower be that great… LOL

07 Mar 2012 1 comment


After years of getting worse and worse water supply up here at the cabin I am stuck in, we for about a month ago finally came to the point where it was impossible to live with it anymore, now it was droplets and maybe 20 seconds of water before we had to turn of pump, wait, turn back on, get some seconds, repeat…

We knew we had to bite the bullet/bad apple and call the plumber and get it fixed, even if it is not reusable in all parts if I ever figure out how to earn money and not just spend them…

Today, today they came, first they ran of the road due to ice so got lot of trouble getting up to us, then they spent the next 3 hours dragging up our old water hose from the drill hole in the ground – all 30 meters or so.

Then, in the snow and wind coming from above then put in the new pump, now directly into hole and bypassing our old one in the crawl space we call a cellar, and they told me later they got it down 20 meters and then it refuses to go further.

Sadly I never got to see the pump, they where so fast, which is great as this is expensive and will cost about what I earn in 4 months… I earn not that much.. 😦
Just to put it into perspective, it is about my monthly income with Tore’s pension added.

As he spend all his income already in various stuff, included stupid loans he took to hide stuff before, it is rather bad for us, but, tonight, tonight I was in heaven for ten minutes or so!!! πŸ™‚

I had my self the first shower in about 2 months, and, I tell you, that was the greatest time for a very long time, a very long time!!!

To feel clean, not dirty, to feel water streaming over a body longing for it, it was great, can not describe it, you have to experience it.

And, the power in the water, it was like old days, lot of pressure in it – I loved it!!! πŸ™‚
Only bad part is a slight problem keeping the temperature, it went a little from great to slightly to hot back to great again.
But I use a lot of hot water so I might notice it better then Tore.

Either way, I am clean, I feel warm, great, happy for the first time in a very long time, life, right now, is great!!

Outside it snows and blows and we have ice making roads dangerous, but hey, I am not driving out till Friday morning, so, right now, no worries –Β  love that!! πŸ™‚

Take care


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