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A visit…

Hello world of one, or two… 😉

It’s become Saturday, 4th of July – and I really should have written to my US friends and wished them happy Independence Day.
But, it is long in the afternoon, and I don’t have that many friends, and, I never write them in such an occasions, so I think I leave that up to another time and year.
But, should anybody read this feel they would like one, here it is:

I wish you all a Happy and Great Independence Day 2009

I wrote a few days ago that I had my younger sister for a visit, and it was a great one too! I enjoyed her company and talks, and it do feel like we got to know each other a little again – which I’m very grateful for!
I learned a few things, I think she did too, and maybe I did grow a little as a human being too, thank you for the visit sister!

We left Eidsvoll on Thursday the 2nd of July 2009, not as early as hoped for (0600) but 0700 hour is not that bad either.
It was to become a mostly sunny day, to sunny for my taste and body – but it was some rain and clouds too that for me was a welcomed break.
I had to most of the driving as my husband Tore is getting worse – but he manage to do about 1 hour of the around 15 hours we spent on the road this day.
But, he was sad, driving brings no joy he said in a moment of weakness – and I just feel how that hurts inside of me too to see him this sad.
So, I know, I do love him, even if I also hate him and really fight with him nearly daily!

Either way, we got our self over the mountains and into Rogaland, and into the region called Jæren and a small town called Varhaug where we left my sister at the place she wanted to stay.
Then we left for my parents place, in the city of Sandnes, and the place called Ganddal.
We was finally there about 2215 hours…
I was very tired, and real warm and bad feel on my skin and body.

A shower and some food and relax + of course a couple of more hours later, things felt a little better. It was still warm, inside my old room – now our guestroom… – it was probably near 30 degree Celsius as the afternoon and evening sun is shining right into my room through the window.
But, I was tired enough to fall to sleep real fast, butt naked on the bed… 🙂
To hot to cover up with any bedlinen or anything…

Yesterday I spent inside much of the day, away from the sun as much as possible, but I was also sitting out in the shade quite a deal talking with my parents and Tore later on the day.
Inside my room, it become so hot that the computer refused to corporate complained about the CPU being way over range – it was 74 C. when I accidentally turned it off by bumping against a button that controls the electricity to a distributor on the floor and killed the computer, monitor and so on…
On reboot, I was not allowed to restart the computer due to the hot temperature… 😦
Later, after a cool down, it refused totally, complaining about not being able to load the Operating System…
That stressed me out, I even removed the cover on the computer, saw a lot of dust inside, tried to vacuum most of that out, and let it cool more outside – but still it refused to boot… 😦

But, then, finally, I had a moment of clearness, maybe the USB memory stick was the problem as it was still hooked up, so I unplugged that – and lo and behold, that solved it all… Stupid me… LOL

The computer still runs hot, I had to turn it off this night to let it rest a little, but I’m sitting here now typing away, at 1437 Saturday afternoon and it runs on the CPU now 55 C. so it is hot in here.
And, hotter it will get, the sun is starting to poke in the window…

Of other things today, we been out driving a short trip this late morning, brought my parents along as they wanted to get some food bough in for the weekend.
We got some stuff to, me and Tore. 🙂

I should have been and visited my grandmother, but I stay away from the sun and will take it tomorrow I think.
Normally I would done it earlier today, but my mom is angry at her mom, and refuses to go visit her, and that made it hard for me to swing by as mom and dad was in the car with me…

I’m full of excuses too, I know that, and I try to fight it off, but I’m a weak person when it comes down to it…

I still struggles with life in general, spend some money of gambling I do, but normally don’t win what I put in or more.
Today I did on what we called Flax-lodd – which is a form for a paper ticket where you can scratch a special surface and find 3 alike numbers and you win that number (times 1).
I normally don’t get a high winning there, but today I got the total of 575 Norwegian kroner where I did put in 150 Norwegian kroner. Yeah!! 🙂
Not much, but makes me feel a little lucky for ones! LOL

I doubt I will keep my Blog up much, but who knows.

Either way, thank you for reading this, and I hope you have a great day wherever you are!

My best wishes


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    Thanks very much for this useful blog post.

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