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Tuesday, bad times + a little good


Not much, been a bad period with lot of war with Tore.

I’ve become broke, with a help of a friend finding me some old photographs related to the Cripple Creek District – which I received today in the mail. 🙂

So, some nice stuff do happens, but mostly it been a bad week and more.

I’ve tried to research my area of love a little, spent some time digging around in the Colorado Old Newspaper site and doing some similar work trying to stay on the top of life, but failing miserable most of the time. 😦

But, I’m alive, I got some great old – but faded unfortunately – photographs I can scan and play around with, and I’m still finding info on the Newspaper site I’m going through at the moment, so I should not complain to much. 🙂

No Trainz work have been done, fall is closing in on us and I need to decide if I should go on a trip over to the west coast of Norway this weekend or not…

Till next time, take care


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