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Back home…

I’m home, I’m home!!!

Yeah, I’m home!!

At least for the next 6 days, in one week, Tuesday the 2nd of January 2007 I will again be on the boat on my way to Norway, again, but till that morning, that day, I will be HOME!!!!!



The trip went fine, except I forgot how bad the madrases is on the Color Fantasy boat/ferry – hard and very uncomfortable to lay flat on… 😦
I haven’t used a pillow since I was little, and on that boat, even on the 5 stars cabins you have this very hard madrases that sort of bends up a little in the middle, so it don’t matter what way you lay down in bed, you still end up laying with your head in a downward angle, small though, but still so I feel my body is pressed up against my head and I end up with a very bad pain in my neck! 😦
Didn’t sleep to well thanks to that…

But, the bat was early into Kiel, and we where off the boat at around 0920 – more or less 40 minutes before we normally end up being of that boat trip.
And, add in not to heavy traffic and a good day – I ended up driving nearly 350km in 4 hours and 29 minutes of driving time and added a 10 minutes break, tops.
Good trip I must say, we where home 1355 – a new record!

And, house was still having power, as the garage door open up – yeah!
And, we had all our stuff here, no one had broken in – a even bigger YEAH!!!
Was afraid it might happen, haven’t been home since august 1, 2006 – and you never know…

But, now I’m here, finally!!

Will sleep good tonight, and now, I can have bath in a bathtub, again, more Yeah!! 🙂

Life is good!!

Best always


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