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Husband update, 15 oct


After a long day, long evening, short night, another long day, evening and short night I still have to report that my husband is still not getting out of the hospital for a long time.
The infection in his foot will not let got of him – makes me wonder if they have dumped me and made a pact them between them… LOL

Fact is that he has a severe for for swelling and open wounds with lot of yellow liquid stuff in it, and some blood collecting, bruising also – and need several more days on antibiotic medicine they say.

His “blood sugar” been high yesterday Thursday (between 15+ up to 17,9) , but very low on Wednesday (around 3,5…) and that also cause some concerns for his health and healing.

And, yesterday the stuff started to hit me too, when I left the hospital at late evening for my 1 hour drive home I felt so empty and lonely, and some helplessness feel too I think.
This put the life into a perspective it is not nice to think about – but my only hope for the outcome of all this is that it makes Tore think through is life and decide that he shall to the best out of what he has and not feeling sorry for him self and let life just roll by…

Till mood strikes again, take care who ever reads this…


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