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House plans…


I got this strange feeling over me, and I wanted to share it online… 😉

My husband and I have had plans for several years of converting a cabin he have into a house, and for the last year or so we been struggling along to get to the point where it might happen.
So far, we still struggle…

But, I do have made some preliminary plans, and figured I could put them out here in case anyone that sort of knows me see this and feel it could be nice to see them… LOL

So, this is the link to the 4 sides, drawn by me, copyrighted by me…
Click on them to get a bigger view.

View from North
View from North, with the garage near left and the front door hinted at on right.

View from West
View from West, with the garage at the left and the dining/living room at front.

View from South
View from South, with the living room at left, office at right and so on…

View from East
View from East, which is the backside of the house.

Yes, I know, big house….

More later. 🙂


PS, the drawings will always be the latest, even if the post it self is old…

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