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So far, so good…


Tore is back from the hospital, picked him up this morning – he phoned me already at 0910 this morning to tell he was already ready – I had been told that if I was there between 10-1100 he should be ready by at least 1100.
He sounded mad, but refused to tell why.

Learned later it was due to the fact he had been awaken at 0300 just so they could check his blood sugar and that he had been sleeping so great till then but did not fall asleep after so he had been pretty mad in the end!!

As far as they could tell the eye surgery had gone well, the bandage and stuff was removed, we have 3 types of drops to drop his eyes with and we are heading back there next week – Friday, on my birthday – to a check up, and then around 3 weeks later again for a second check up.

So far, so good!

He can’t see on it, but we didn’t expect that either, but his right eye is better somehow – even if that used to be his bad eye since 2003/2004 when it got destroyed due to complications from his diabetes.
Back in January of 2004 they manage to save half his vision on that eye – and for 3 weeks ago he was told the same stuff happen to his left eye and they he needed a surgery there too.

Which he had yesterday, much complicated due to us no longer having health insurance, but it worked out in the end thanks to some people in Norway realizing the need for speed and not the normal slow bureaucracy when a Norwegian citizen can’t do a operation in Norway but have to do it abroad.

I’m for ever thankful to a good friend of Tore/us that really really have been so helpful and done so much for us in Norway – without his help I think this would gone real bad!
Thank you so much Haakon-Magnus!!!!

Hopefully the operation have done more then just stop the problem with the fluid and retina out of position, and that Tore actually get his reading vision back again, as it’s been awful for him to have lost that part.

We see, today we’re just happy it is over and that he is home again (with me LOL).

So, I’m mostly a happy girl even if I’m so mad at Eidsvoll commune!


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